A host of rare tracks are also being released


The Jam‘s 1980 album ‘Sound Affects’ is set to be reissued.

The album, which includes classics ‘That’s Entertainment’ and UK chart-topper ‘Start!’, has been remastered and will be re-released on November 1 along with a host of previously unreleased rarities.

As well as the original album it will include a second disc of rarities including covers of songs by The Kinks and The Beatles, as well as a selection of demos.

The tracklisting for the re-release of ‘Sound Affects’ is:

Disc 1:

‘Pretty Green’


‘But I’m Different Now’

‘Set The House Ablaze’


‘That’s Entertainment’

‘Dream Time’

‘Man In The Corner Shop’

‘Music For The Last Couple’

‘Boy About Town’

‘Scrape Away’

Disc 2:

‘Start!’ (single version)

‘Liza Radley’ (B-side of ‘Start!’)

‘Dreams Of Children’ (B-side of ‘Going Underground’)

‘That’s Entertainment’ (alternate version from ‘Direction, Reaction, Creation’ box set)

‘Pretty Green’ (demo with overdubs – previously unreleased)

‘Pop Art Poem’ (Jam fan club flexi-disc, from ‘Extras’)

‘Rain’ (demo from ‘Direction, Reaction, Creation’)

‘Boy About Town’ (demo – previously unreleased)

‘Dream Time’ (demo from ‘Direction, Reaction, Creation’)

‘Dead End Street’ (demo from ‘Direction, Reaction, Creation’)

‘But I’m Different Now’ (demo from ‘Extras’)

‘Scrape Away’ (instrumental version – previously unreleased)

‘Start!’ (demo – previously unreleased)

‘Liza Radley’ (demo from ‘Extras’)

‘And Your Bird Can Sing’ (demo from ‘Extras’)

‘Monday’ (alternate version – previously unreleased)

‘Get Yourself Together’ (from ‘Extras’)

‘Set The House Ablaze’ (alternate ‘dub ending’ version – previously unreleased)

‘Boy About Town’ (alternate version – Jam fan club flexi from ‘Extras’)

‘No One In The World’ (demo from ‘Extras’)

‘Instrumental’ (demo – previously unreleased)

‘Waterloo Sunset’ (demo – previously unreleased)

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