Film & DVD Reviews

Perfume De Violetas

Tragic true story of two Mexican teens


Inner-city ensemble comedy

Marshall Arts

LA Confidential director brings the best out of rap king

The Good Girl

Inconsistent infidelity drama

Wild Strawberries

Early Bergman classic re-released at the NFT

Old Jack Swings

Superb, moving road movie with Nicholson on brilliant form

Real Women Have Curves

Big-hearted coming-of-age story

The Man Without A Past

A moving story of love and identity from Finland

City By The Sea

Crime, family, and De Niro; a quiet beauty

Grateful Dawg

Enjoyable if lightweight Jerry Garcia doc

The Transporter

Jason Statham in Eurotrash potboiler

Divine Intervention

Whimsical but thought-provoking take on the Middle East conflict


DIRECTED BY David Cronenberg STARRING Ralph Fiennes, Miranda Richardson, Gabriel Byrne, Lynn...

Ghetto Life

Polanski's heartfelt hymn to Polish suffering in WWII Warsaw

Catch Me If You Can

Frothy Spielberg caper wastes classy cast

Street Fighting Men

Scorsese's much-anticipated, brutal epic blazes beautifully across the screen

Some Kind Of Wonderful

Poor boy chases rich girl in John Hughes' 1987 teen romance. Essentially, the story's gender roles...

About A Boy

The Weitz brother's adaptation of Nick Hornby's bestseller can't help falling into the sugary-sweet...

Vampires—Los Muertos

John Carpenter's 1998 Vampires was a triumph of gonzo monster-mashing with James Woods in full kick...

The Little Shop Of Horrors

The celebrated 1960 black comedy/horror that inspired the hit Broadway musical. Dim-witted flower...


Editor's Letter

The 35th Uncut Playlist Of 2014

Weird serendipities aplenty this week: versions of "O, Death" on two albums I downloaded one after another, by Mike & Cara Gangloff and Bessie Jones; dovetailing into Sea Island overlap between Jones and Loscil. It makes for a nice blurring between time and genre with, say, the Gangloffs...