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We Live In Public

We Live In PublicDiG! director Ondi Timoner makes another doc about obsession

The Informant!

The Informant!Steven Soderbergh's corporate whistleblower oddity, based on true story

A Serious Man

A Serious ManCoen brothers' latest curveball: Jewishness, suburbia and quantum mechanics

The Men Who Stare At Goats

The Men Who Stare At GoatsPsychic warfare study misses its target; George Clooney, Ewan MCGregor star

Taking Woodstock

Taking WoodstockAng Lee's deceptively subversive look at the great festival of '69


KatynAndrzej Wajda’a magisterial retelling of Polish war massacre


9Tim Burton produced sci-fi animation, voices of Elijah Wood and John Landau

Fantastic Mr Fox

Fantastic Mr FoxWes Anderson animation tackles Roald Dahl’s book: Toy Story it ain’t.

True Blood

True BloodAs good as you’d hope HBO’s vampire series to be

The Imaginarium Of Doctor Parnassus

The Imaginarium Of Doctor ParnassusHeath Ledger's final scenes in Gilliam's latest, plus Tom Waits!


ThirstFlorid, operatic vampire romance/gore-fest from Old Boy director

Le Donk & Scor-zay-zee

Le Donk & Scor-zay-zeeArctic Monkeys guest in Shane Meadows latest


Up3D extravaganza from Pixar

Uncut DVD: Entourage Season 5

Uncut DVD: Entourage Season 5Hollywood based comedy, Martin Scorsese and Gus Van Sant guest

White Lightnin'

White Lightnin'The wild life of Jesco White, Virginia's 'dancing outlaw'

The September Issue

The September IssueVogue's editor-in-chief Anna Wintour in documentary makeover

Three Miles North Of Molkom

Three Miles North Of MolkomTree-hugging New Age festival doc, set in Sweden


AdventurelandSuperbad director smuggles pathos and nostalgia into a Fast Times fairground

Fish Tank

Fish TankFear and loathing - and dancing - in Essex. Cannes Jury Prize winner 2009.

500 Days Of Summer

500 Days Of SummerSmartly subversive rom-com, with plenty of Smiths references


Editor's Letter

D'Angelo's "Black Messiah": some first thoughts

When Thom Yorke sneaked out his new solo album a few months back, I managed to hold out for 66 hours before writing a review of "Tomorrow's Modern Boxes". Since waking up...