Film & DVD Reviews

Le Fate Ignoranti

Mature, moving odd-couple romance from Italy

Blue Crush

Grittier-than-average surfer-girl romance

Heavy Traffick

Devastating teenage-abuse-hell drama from director of Together

Cracking Combination

Wry indie tragicomedy sees idiot safebreakers on the rampage

Le Souffle

OPENS APRIL 11, CERT 15, 77 MINS Damien Odoul's debut feature is a coming-of-age film with a...

Cradle 2 The Grave

Everybody's kung fu fighting

Shanghai Knights

The inevitable sequel to Shanghai Noon


Oblique polemical melodrama as would-be epic

Nowhere In Africa

Touching, true saga of wartime Jewish refugees

Open Hearts

There's life in the old Dogme yet


Adaptation of Spike Milligan's cult 1963 novel

The Werckmeister Harmonies

Big, bleak and brilliant

Phone Booth

Ingenious, high-concept thriller sees Joel Schumacher back on top of his game


DIRECTED BY Juan Carlos Fresnadillo STARRING Max Von Sydow, Leonardo Sbaraglia, Eusebio Poncela...


OPENS APRIL 25, CERT 15, 106 MINS Everything about this slice of uber-trash is insane. Remember...

Brooklyn Heights

Lee's lofty adaptation of gritty 24-hour crime novel takes on the shadows of 9/11


Since The Last Seduction, John Dahl hasn't quite delivered the skilful thrills we hoped for. This...

A Star Is Born—Special Edition

It's not hard to see why the second version of Hollywood's infamous morality tale of the tortured...

Bunny Business

Disturbingly funny debut tackles life and death with the help of a giant rabbit


Boisterous action ensues when colourfully tattooed extreme sports fanatic Xander Cage is press-...


Editor's Letter

Dave Edmunds at 70! Happy birthday, boyo!

First of all, there was the somewhat staggering recent news that Captain Sensible was about to turn 60. Then a few weeks ago, Nick Lowe was 65. And today, it turns out, Dave Edmunds, Nick’s former best mate and partner in Rockpile...