In our exclusive audio interview Wilco discuss everything from music downloading to their summer festival schedule


2004 was a crucial, transitional year for Wilco.

Jeff Tweedy was rushed to rehab in April after suffering from painkiller addiction and the band’s fifth album, A Ghost Is Born, was hastily put on hold. Produced by Sonic Youth’s Jim O’Rourke and finally given a release in June, the album provided the excuse for Tweedy to get back on the road. More recently, an expanded version of A Ghost Is Born, featuring live and unreleased tracks, was released in March 2005.

Uncut spoke to Wilco’s John Stirratt and Glenn Kotche during that same month, while they were on tour in London. On the agenda: Tweedy’s troubles, the notorious Wilco documentary I Am Trying To Break Your Heart (see below), music downloads, festival plans and what the future holds for Wilco, both as a band and in their individual careers.

In order to hear this you will need Real Player. Simply click on the questions/links below to hear the answers to the interview:

1. What were you up during 2004?

2. Have you made much progress on Wilco’s side projects – both individually and as a band?

3. There was the movie ‘I Am Trying To Break Your Heart’, and The Wilco Book…

4. Are you an advocate of music downloading?

5. You’re still regarded by casual observers as an Alt. Americana band. However, since Yankee Hotel Foxtrot, your sound has evolved and developed, hasn’t it?

6. What are your plans for the rest of 2005?

7. Your live show is often quite a lavish affair with various pieces of equipment on stage. Summer festivals require people to cut back to the bare essentials, are you planning to play any this summer?

8. Do you enjoy playing them? What are your favourite Festivals to play?