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8 Women

François Ozon places style over substance for this tongue-in-cheek murder-mystery musical—but what style. Gathering Catherine Deneuve, Isabelle Huppert, Emmanuelle Béart, Fanny Ardant and a who's who of Gallic goddesses, the costumes alone make this a fashion icon. That it's also a highly entertaining romp played with boisterous vitality is a bonus.

Light Sleeper

Paul Schrader's simmering 1991 study of a drug dealer's midlife crisis remains the script closest to his own heart. A maturer Travis Bickle, Willem Dafoe's loser is confused when "employer" Susan Sarandon goes legit, and panic-stricken when an ex-girlfriend dies and gunplay's required. Meditative rather than action-packed, it's grown over time.

The Hitcher

C Thomas Howell picks up homicidal hitch-hiker Rutger Hauer while driving through the desert and very wisely boots him out of the car at the first opportunity, setting in motion a duel between the two that involves a lot of exploding cars and a huge body count. Utter tosh.

The Way Of The Gun

Usual Suspects writer Christopher McQuarrie makes his directorial debut with this hip crime caper, with Ryan Phillippe and Benicio Del Toro as two petty criminals who kidnap Juliette Lewis, a pregnant surrogate mother, unaware that the baby she's carrying belongs to mob boss Scott Wilson. Needless to say, the bullets barely stop flying in this slick, violent thriller.

The Doors Special Edition

Oliver Stone's typically overwrought biopic of Jim Morrison has been much-mocked down the years, perhaps unfairly. It's full of Stone's signature bombast and is characteristically laden with all manner of wild and windy symbolism, but it has rather more going for it than popular reputation usually allows—not least, a surprisingly good performance from Val Kilmer as The Lizard King himself, fantastic duplication of vintage concert footage, especially the re-staging of the infamous Miami bust, and the patently deranged Crispin Glover as Andy Warhol to fucking boot!

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