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Dance Away The Art Ache

Coppola's love-in-Las Vegas musical fantasy is ripe for reappraisal

The Station Agent

In a New Jersey backwater, Fin (Peter Dinklage), a dwarf fed up with the way the world reacts to him, moves into the derelict train station he's inherited and tries to ignore offers of friendship from a lonely snack-van man (Bobby Cannavale) and a divorced artist (Patricia Clarkson). Tom McCarthy's gem has something like the drift and precision of early Jarmusch—nothing much happens, except life.

Television Roundup

One of the best US TV shows around, a relentlessly kinetic, breathlessly filmed and edited conspiracy and counter-espionage drama starring Jennifer Garner as CIA agent Sydney Bristow, clandestinely placed within the sinister SD6, an organisation plotting global domination. The serial plot twists, constantly shifting allegiances, reckless narrative pace and relentless action make these 22 episodes essential viewing. Brilliant.

The Osbournes: The Second Series

Sharon's cancer treatment underlies these episodes, producing scenes of poignancy and humour as the family come to terms with her illness. Obviously darker than its predecessor, this also sees a certain loss of naivety, with the Osbournes increasingly aware of good camera moments. The success of the first series has led the teenagers into extreme territory, with Jack, the "man-whore", heading off the rails while Kelly struggles with celebrity.

Totally Wired

Coppola classic starring Gene Hackman as a paranoid surveillance expert

Castle In The Sky

Magic spells, a crystal pendant and eco-friendly robots all figure in this animated new age fable from Hayao Miyazaki (creator of Spirited Away) as two children search for a legendary flying city. Not a patch on the director's later work, and the comedy material is tiresome; still, it's streets ahead of Disney, and the flying sequences are just incredible.

The Bruck Stops Here

A 10-disc box set focusing on the modern master of dumb-but-fun action flicks

Ed Wood

Tim Burton's splendid tribute to hapless director Wood, whose incompetence has become part of movie legend. Johnny Depp as Wood looks entirely fetching in a variety of angora sweaters, and there's terrific support from Martin Landau as Bela Lugosi, Bill Murray and Sarah Jessica Parker.

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