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Robin Williams: a career in clips

Sad news this morning about the death of Robin Williams, aged 63. Of course, Williams had been a dynamic and prolific screen presence since the late 1970s, from early contributions to The Richard Pryor Show to his sitcom breakthrough in Mork & Mindy and beyond into a hugely successful film career. In tribute, we've compiled below 10 clips that we hope do justice to his prodigious talents.

Bruce Springsteen, Don Henley, Lucinda Williams announced for Jackson Browne tribute album

Jackson Browne is to be honoured by a new tribute album, Looking into You, due for release on April 28 from Music Road Records. Among the artists covering Browne's songs are Bruce Springsteen, Don Henley, Lucinda Williams, Bonnie Raitt, Bruce Hornsby, JD Souther and Joan As Police Woman. You can hear Don Henley cover Browne's "These Days" here. The tracklisting for Looking Into You is:

Singer Andy Williams dies aged 84

Andy Williams has died at the age of 84. USA Today reports that the singer passed away at his home in Brnason, Missouri on Tuesday evening (September 25) following a lengthy battle with bladder cancer. Williams revealed that he had been diagnosed with the illness in November last year and vowed to beat the disease and return to the stage, insisting that cancer was "no longer a death sentence". But a representative for the singer has now confirmed that he has succumbed to the condition.

Hans Chew, free download, live in Williamsburg etc

For various reasons. I found myself in New York the other week, and in a resiliently unhip part of Williamsburg at a bar called Don Pedro. The opportunity had come up to see one of my favourite artists of the past couple of years, a firebrand piano man called Hans Chew, whose debut solo album, “Tennessee And Other Stories”, was a surprise entry at the sharp end of Uncut’s 2010 Top 50 (Lots more on that here).

Robin Williams Live On Broadway

The culmination of a sell-out 2002 tour sees a middle-aged Williams return to his maniacal roots, musing on Michael Jackson, the Puritans and Viagra, among other topics. However, his breakneck delivery, camp mannerisms and array of accents (including a dismal Winston Churchill) only emphasise, rather than conceal, the weakness of his material. And the "Joe I'm Pregnant" routine is shamelessly lifted from Sam Kinison.

Uncut – January 2021

Paul McCartney, Uncut’s Review Of 2020, Neil Young, Elton John, Jarvis Cocker, Phoebe Bridgers, The Damned, Lucinda Williams, AC/DC, The Kinks and Moses Boyd

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