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Watch first trailer for new Hendrix biopic, Jimi: All Is By My Side

The first trailer for Jimi: All Is By My Side, the Jimi Hendrix film starring Outkast's Andre 3000, has been revealed. Click below to watch it. Scripted and directed by 12 Years A Slave screenwriter John Ridley, Jimi: All Is By My Side tells the story of Jimi Hendrix's life throughout 1966 and 1967, a period in which he moved to London, formed the Experience and played a career-making set at California's Monterey Pop Festival, which is where the film ends.

John Bonham to appear as hologram in son’s tribute band?

John Bonham could appear as a hologram in his son Jason Bonham's tribute band. Jason, who joined Led Zeppelin for their last proper show at London's O2 Arena in December 2007, told Legendary Rock Interviews that he had been speaking to special effects experts about the possibility of duetting with his father in his group The Led Zeppelin Experience.

Scott Walker to present show at the Sydney Opera House

Scott Walker will present his most recent album, 2012’s Bish Bosch, as a unique three-dimensional experience at the Sydney Opera House. Running from May 24 to June 10, Bish Bosch: Ambisymphonic has been developed by Walker with mixed media artists Iain Forsyth and Jane Pollard.

Jimi Hendrix ‘wanted to put back the old team’ before he died, says Eddie Kramer

Jimi Hendrix was keen to work with manager Chas Chandler and get back to more structured recording shortly before he died, Eddie Kramer has told Uncut. The engineer, who looks after Hendrix’s legacy as part of the Experience Hendrix organisation, says: “Before Jimi died, in 1970, he sought Chas’ counsel. I think he wanted to put back the old team. “He’d learned from the experimentation and realised he needed Chas – but he had to come to that realisation himself.”

Ray Davies: “I get very emotional when I write”

Ray Davies sheds light on his new projects, including an opera, a film and a solo album, in the new issue of Uncut, out on Thursday (January 3, 2013). The former Kinks frontman also explains the conflicting feelings he experiences when songwriting. Revealing what he goes through when he realises he's writing one of his great songs, Davies says: "It’s a moment of excessive emotion. And I do get very emotional when I write, sometimes… It’s just a chill you get.

The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion unveil trailer for new album ‘Meat And Bone’

Robert Wyatt’s “Comicopera”

I've been promising to write about this Robert Wyatt album for quite a while now, I'm aware. But it's been hard to blog about this one. Not because of any problems with the music - it's wonderful, actually. The problem I'm finding is that listening to "Comicopera" is a kind of immersive experience, so much so that it's hard to come out of it with a critical angle.

Camera Buff

Krzysztof Kieslowski's 1979 satire charts the experiences of a Polish clerk who buys an 8mm camera to record the arrival of his new baby, but becomes increasingly consumed by his hobby. After his employers ask him to make a film to mark their company's 25th anniversary, he's propelled into the position of political film-maker. With Kieslowski's documentary background clearly on display, it's a wry, heartfelt contemplation of the film-maker's burden.

This Month In Soundtracks

There's something novel about this concept: the soundtrack of a book. While the realistic word for it is probably "cross-marketing", the hapless dreamers among us can ponder: are we supposed to listen to the relevant song while reading Hornby's chapter on it? Even if we don't possess posh headphones like the pretty model on the sleeve (entirely inappropriate unless the album is also a bottle of conditioner), are we to aim for a music-literature 'synergy' experience? I've just tried skimming Little Dorrit while headbanging to lggy and, frankly, it doesn't work.

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