Vinicius Cantuaria – Horse And Fish

Brazilian avant-bossa nova master and sidekick to David Byrne and Arto Lindsay

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Vinicius Cantuaria was something of a star in Brazil, yet the local music industry drove him to flee to New York. Once there, he was quickly adopted by the Knitting Factory crowd and has played often with David Byrne, Arto Lindsay, Laurie Anderson and other avant suspects. Yet where VC really shines is on his own albums, which find him blending a subtle mosaic of sounds rooted in bossa nova.

Rooted but not locked?Horse And Fish finds the guitarist mixing electronica, Chet Baker jazz licks, Afro-Brazilian rhythms, his own consistently enquiring guitar and murmured Portuguese vocals to make music quite unlike anyone else. Cantuaria’s a quiet innovator, and Horse And Fish repays frequent listening.


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