Viktor Krauss – Far From Enough

Classy debut from versatile bassist with help from sister Alison Krauss

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You might not expect much from an album by the former double-bass player from Lyle Lovett’s band. So think of Viktor Krauss more as a composer?and a classically-trained one at that. The title track of his solo debut was featured on Uncut’s covermount CD last month and is typical of his exquisitely-fashioned, mostly instrumental compositions that reflect his diverse background in country, jazz, rock and bluegrass.

Assisted by guitarist Bill Frisell, dobro/steel maestro Jerry Douglas and drummer Steve Jordan, it’s all about mood and at times resembles a soundtrack to an up-market travel documentary through the American South. But Krauss’ occasional vocals and those of sister Alison on four tracks, including a stunningly beautiful cover of Robert Plant’s “Big Log”, do more than enough to maintain interest.


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