The Neptunes – The Neptunes Present… Clones

A future greatest hits compilation from the hip hop producers with the keys to the kingdom

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Eighteen tracks: one intro and 17 new songs by 16 different artists, with at least 15 possible futures of pop: this compilation finds The Neptunes so far ahead of everybody else’s game it’s laughable.

At least 50 per cent of the contents of Now 58 are here, including Busta Rhymes’ brilliantly minimalist “Light Your Ass On Fire”, the lunatic Ludacris hijacked by a Sousa marching band (“It Wasn’t Us”), Snoop Dogg finally mutating into George Clinton (“It Blows My Mind”), Kelis smooching with Nas (“Popular Thug”) and new act Fam-Lay reinventing hip hop yet again (“Rock N’Roll”). This is berserk, this is brilliant, this is now.


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