The Aislers Set – How I Learned To Write Backwards

Third from 'Frisco 'twee'-revivalists

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The US underground’s fascination with our more obscure ’80s indie bands has always been a bizarre treat (for instance, Nirvana’s obsession with The Vaselines). The Aislers Set are similarly smitten, making the kind of heart-lifting bedroom-casualty pop not heard since the girl’n’glockenspiel innocence of C86-era anorak outfits Talulah Gosh and Shop Assistants. Moreover, there’s real poeticised emoting here, and great tunes?even if, as on “Melody Not Malaise”, they’re nicked off The Supremes.


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Bruce Springsteen, Uncut’s Review Of 2021, Jason Isbell, Yasmin Williams, Jonny Greenwood, The Weather Station, Robert Plant & Alison Krauss, the Beach Boys, The Coral, and Marvin Gaye