Pulseprogramming – Tulsa For One Second

Excellent post-punk-influenced vocal electronica

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This writer found himself close to tears after a recent Walkman encounter with pulseprogramming’s pristine disco miserablism which, to misquote Morrissey, “said something to me about my life”. Opening track “Blooms Eventually” sets the scene with a breathtakingly sad Vocodered refrain, skittered beats and Geogaddi-like synth drones. From then on, it’s a sustained soft explosion of hushed, aching indietronica.

More linear than Fort Lauderdale, less self-consciously cute than The Postal Service, and with the best song titles in recent memory (“Stylophone Purrs And Mannerist Blossoms”, anyone?), pulseprogramming are the sound of the perfect moment slipping through your fingers.


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