Primal Scream – Live In Japan

Japanese import, recorded in Tokyo last November

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This captures the Scream on astonishing form, raising Cain as they tear through the highlights of the last two albums plus a few choice classics, all vicious, crackling arcs of white noise and tight, ferocious drumming. For starters, there’s the wired and writhing “Accelerator”, a bludgeoning “Shoot Speed Kill Light”, a particularly sleazy “Jailbird” and the seething chaos of “Born To Lose”. Even the low points on the Evil Heat album (“Miss Lucifer”, “Skull X”) explode into wild and unruly life, while the lighter moments?previous few?have an extra kick to them, “Higher Than The Sun” prowling round the stage with ferocious feline grace.

Kicking up a storm of punk, blues, gospel and boogie, the Scream shine on. Superb.


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