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Not a voicebox in sight as Comes Alive man makes low-key comeback

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It’s finally time to forget if not forgive that hideous voicebox on “Show Me The Way”. Now a resident of Cincinnati, Peter Frampton has made a self-produced album of roots-based, gimmick-free American-influenced rock.

From the lovely minor chord acoustics of “Not Forgotten” to the blues shuffle of “Flying Without Wings” via the lo-fi lullaby of “Mia Rose”, the tone is warm and engaging. Even the version of “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” can be excused?George was an old friend, and Frampton played on All Things Must Pass. Mind you, it’s still salutary to remember that punk’s annus mirabilis was also the year in which we somehow bought 16 million copies of Frampton Comes Alive.


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