Numbers – Death

Glitchcore's hip elite remix Oakland's spiky robotniks

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Numbers’ debut album Life drew its inspiration from the angular irregularities of Devo, Gang Of Four and The Contortions, taking on the mores of late capitalism to the delight of shark-finned fashion monkeys everywhere.

This remix album allows the usual suspects (Gold Chains, Kid606, Kit Clayton et al) to remodel tracks from Life in their own image, and very enjoyable it is, too. Gold Chain’s punkish overhaul of “Prison Life” chugs along amusingly while Kid606 transforms “We Like Having These Things” into something like a glitch dancefloor anthem. Electronicat’s take on “Driving Song” ends up sounding like a faint echo of industrial titans Ministry, and Kit Clayton cleverly fits “Information” with a distorted “bashment” undertow.

This may be the sound of overprivileged white America dribbling stylishly on its bib, but thankfully it also sounds like a hell of a lot of fun. Choose Death.


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