Jeffrey Lewis

Limited edition box (500 only) from Manhattan's anti-folk king

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A bona fide collector’s piece, this black box of fun comprises no less than a 60-minute DVD (videos, live footage and interviews), a Lewis-illustrated comic, related stickers, a poster, two seven-inch singles and an original Jeff cartoon (each drawing is unique to each box).

Of the singles, “In And Out Of Night” (with Diane Cluck) and “Six Stories” add rhythmic grace and raindrop patter to Lewis’ sleepy delivery, while brother Jack joins him for the blearily vengeful “Flood”. As storyteller, he’s still happily demented. Sample lyric: “At the general store, there’s Norma Jean/Loved her since I was 14/But she loves a trucker from New Orleans/And she over-charged me for my pork and beans.” It’s a hard-knock life.


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