I Am Kloot

Manchester trio deliver second album of wonderfully wistful, perfectly underplayed pop

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Manchester’s I Am Kloot made their debut with “Titanic”, a seven-inch charmer released on tiny local imprint Ugly Man in a brown paper sleeve. Such are the inauspicious beginnings of greatness.

Although “classic pop” is often simply shorthand for the trite and tested, I Am Kloot is clearly deserving of the description. Vocalist Johnny Bramwell?equal parts John Lennon and Kitchens Of Distinction’s Patrick Fitzgerald?delivers pithily poetic, subtly sensual songs with admirably understated help, be it on the breezy, jazz-toned “A Strange Arrangement Of Colour” or the spooked and ominously urgent “Cuckoo”. Downbeat yet hugely uplifting, touching yet utterly unsentimental, I Am Kloot is about as good as this guitar/bass/drums thing gets.


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