Hidden Cameras – Play The CBC Sessions

Mini album of Canadian radio sessions from the gay gospel Belle & Sebastian. Sort of

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Anyone lucky enough to experience the ramshackle epiphany of Hidden Cameras live last year?complete with dancers in Y-fronts?can testify to their uniqueness. Last year’s debut album, The Smell Of Our Own, offered explicit gay sexuality (at last!), DIY baroque arrangements and a delicate, lilting Phil Ochs-ish voice that sounded as if it came out of a mouth in which butter wouldn’t melt, even though that clearly wasn’t the case.

Passing the time until their soon-to-come second album proper are these six session tracks, mostly lovely if, as expected, a little under-realised, and including some previously hard-to-find songs. If you’re a convert, you’ll want this. If not, head straight to The Smell Of Our Own and be ravished.


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