Herman Dune – Mas Cambios

Third and best from Paris-based Swedes

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With 2001’s Switzerland Heritage, Dune brothers David-Ivar and Andre Herman (and percussionist Neman) laid bare a fraught relationship with the USA: obsessed with its culture, repulsed by its corporate (im) morality.

For Mas Cambios, they couldn’t stay away. Holed up in Brooklyn, their distinctly dry European folk is spray-canned with distinctly dry American graffiti. The vocals?stumbling over toy pianos, clavinets and the odd stray banjo?alternate between a shoulder-shrug and a sigh, while the spartan-sweet melodies owe much to Smog (for “Show Me The Roof” read “Strayed”), Daniel Johnston (obvious tribute “You Stepped On Sticky Fingers”) and much of the anti-folk crowd. “At Your Luau Night” even sounds like Jeff Lewis attempting a Tim Buckley song.


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