Gold Chains – Young Miss America

Unlikely San Franciscan loverman's rap/electronica party

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A faintly preposterous man, much of Topher “Gold Chains” LaFata’s music concerns the international pursuit of well-dressed booty. In a way, he’s a classic hip hop reinvention: a computer geek rebranded as globe-straddling love-magnet who raps, a touch emphysemically, like Tone Loc. Nothing on Young Miss America quite matches GC’s superb first two EPs. Nevertheless, he and producer Kit Clayton still filter R&B, techno, Bollywood, electro and much else through their laptops, and the elaborate raps?more serious than they first appear?make for an inventive debut.


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Nirvana, Paul McCartney, Amy Winehouse, Altın Gün, Sly Stone, Grateful Dead, The Jam, Will Sergeant, Rodney Crowell, Sparks, Rodrigo Amarante, Lump, Jakob Dylan and PJ Harvey