Ravaged Irish immigrant family up sticks to New York

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This semi-autobiographical tale by Jim Sheridan (co-written with his daughters) tells of a young Irish family relocating to New York in search of a new life?but the tragedy from which they flee still looms large in their lives. Paddy Considine is superb as the father who’s suppressed his grief over the death of his son to such an extent that he can barely feel anything; Samantha Morton plays his young wife, trying hard to shut off her pain for the sake of her two surviving children. And real-life sisters Sarah and Emma Bolger steal the film from under the noses of the more experienced actors as they set about charming the junkies and hoodlums in the Hell’s Kitchen apartment building the family settle in. Djimon Hounsou’s role as African aristocrat, conceptual artist and AIDS sufferer is perhaps a Manhattan clich