Duran Duran

After Rio's reissue last year, the first and third albums get digitally remastered

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Duran’s debut album from 1981 created the template for the new romantic sound?funk-lite bass, sub-Kraftwerk keyboards, angular guitar and ludicrous lyrics (“fuses pumping live heat twisting out on a wire”, anyone?). Now, post-electroclash, Duran Duran feel current, particularly on the storming opening salvo of singles?”Planet Earth”, “Careless Memories”, “Girls On Film”. What Felix Da Housecat could do if he got his hands on these…

By 1983’s Seven And The Ragged Tiger, the rot had set in. The last album to feature the original line-up, it’s riddled with cocaine?all bloated production and lack of tunes (the juddering future-funk grooves of “Union Of The Snake” aside). Despite being their weakest album, Seven… broke Duran in the US, thanks to “The Reflex”. After that, it was Bond themes, side projects and new line-ups.


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