Call And Response – Winds Take No Shape

Second release from Californian dreamers

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Drifting in like a San Francisco fog, Call And Response’s second album is a magnificent surprise. If their 2001 debut confected a Free Designed, bubblefunk California of the imagination, Winds Take No Shape cruises into more crepuscular territory.

They’re a band of rare harmonies. The players and voices of Carrie Clough and Simone Rubi attain a lunar twilight grace across complex structures. Songs conjure weird confluences: it’s possible to tease out strands of tropicalian bossa nova, Laurel Canyon folk, Vini Reilly, reverbed languor and even Broadcast’s spooked tenderness. You could praise individual moments (“Trapped Under Ice” is a bittersweet frost flower that blooms into radiance) but it’s the overall weave, the daydreamy drift, that impresses. A 40-minute swoon of a record.


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