Brigitte Bardot – The Best Of Bardot

Twenty tracks of peerless French pop art

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God may have created woman but Brigitte Bardot was a magnificent conspiracy devised by Vadim, Godard, Rabane, Gainsbourg and the woman christened Camille Javal. This collection cherry-picks from the variable orchard of Bardot’s pop career between ’62 and ’70 and highlights the wit, invention and salaciousness absent from today’s celebrity exploitation. Initially tailored as prim pop a la Hardy or Gall, Bardot really flourished centre stage of Gainsbourg’s more lurid imaginings and the cinemascope of Michel Colombier’s arrangements. A matchless run from the pop Lichtenstein of “Comic Strip” through the epic throb of “Bonnie And Clyde” and “Harley Davidson” climaxes, inevitably, with the original “Je T’aime” ? so lubricious you can see why BB vetoed its initial release.


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