Barbara Morgenstern – Nichts Muss

Third album of synthetic teutonica from German chanteuse

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Morgenstern’s first LP (1998’s Vermona ET 6-1) was remarkable for its hard-soft collision of technoid digitalia with her own uniquely expressive voice. Fjorden (2000) upped the analogue ante with found sounds, static and rafts of sequencers. Nichts Muss retains the slippery stamp of co-producer and fellow Berliner Stefan Betke?aka Pole?in its blips, snapped beats and loops, while Orb/Sun Electric producer Thomas Fehlmann adds a frosting of detached cool to her delivery.

As a slanted slice of motorik dub, it’s clean, lithe, electro-pop precision, funked at the edges with rhythmic Nile Rodgers-y guitar. Even the cheerily-titled “We’re All Gonna Fucking Die” comes with a frisky, neo-Moroder skip.


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