Ultimate Music Guide: Prince

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“Dearly beloved, we have gathered here today…” 

In this latest edition of Uncut’s Ultimate Music Guide, we turn our attention to the mighty Prince. Our expert writers examine in depth every one of his albums: not just the garlanded run of ‘80s classics, but the fraught ‘90s missals of The Artist Formerly Known As Prince, and the strange, often-neglected labyrinth that constitutes his 21st century catalogue. Along the way, we uncover hidden masterpieces and look at the most familiar songs in a new light. We hear of concerts that left critics weeping with joy. And we dig deep into the NME and Melody Maker archives to find revelatory interviews with this most complex and enigmatic of latterday superstars.

“Does it worry you,” NME enquires in 1995, “that people think you’re mad?”

Prince laughs. “No, I don’t care. If people think I’m insane, fine. I want people to think I’m insane. But I’m in control.”

Here’s the complete story about how that monomaniacal desire for control resulted in one of the wildest and richest music legacies in history. We don’t care where you go, we don’t care what you do. Take us with U!

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