Deluxe Ultimate Music Guide: Led Zeppelin

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Valhalla we are coming! Uncut’s latest deluxe Ultimate Music Guide is dedicated to the mighty and imperious Led Zeppelin. Inside this fully upgraded and updated edition you’ll discover the entire story of Page, Plant, Jones and Bonham, told through amazing interviews from the NME and Melody Maker archives. They reveal a band with unquenchable appetites – for global domination, for boundless excess and, most strikingly, for musical excellence. An uncommonly driven band, with terrifyingly high standards and surprisingly thin skins.
The Ultimate Music Guide also includes in-depth reviews of every single Led Zeppelin album, a forensic look at Jimmy Page’s 2014/2015 remasters, and a load of new stuff about the solo adventures of Robert Plant. It’s the complete tale of a band who took the blues to unimaginable new places, who transformed the heartsong of the disenfranchised into the conqueror’s battle hymn. Good times, bad times; you’re about to get your share…


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