We want your questions for Mark Lanegan

The singer's set to answer your questions...

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The singer’s set to answer your questions…

Ahead of an extensive European tour running from January through to March 2015, Mark Lanegan is set to answer your questions in Uncut as part of our regular Audience With… feature.

So is there anything you’ve always wanted to ask him?

Why didn’t he and Kurt Cobain finish their Lead Belly covers project?
Of all his many collaborations, which is his favourite?
Why did he choose to write much of his latest album, Phantom Radio, on a phone app called Funk Box?

Send up your questions by noon, Monday, November 3 to uncutaudiencewith@timeinc.com. The best questions, and Mark’s answers, will be published in a future edition of Uncut magazine. Please include your name and location with your question.


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