Tom Waits new album details revealed – audio

'Bad As Me' is set for release this autumn

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Tom Waits will release his forthcoming album ‘Bad As Me’ on October 25.

The bluesman will release a regular version of the 13 track album alongside a deluxe edition which includes three extra songs, ‘She Stole The Blush’, ‘Tell Me’ and ‘After You Die’.

The single ‘Bad As Me’ is available to purchase from today (August 23). The track is his first new solo material in seven years. Scroll down to listen to the song.


Waits‘ last solo release was 2004’s ‘Real Gone’, which was co-produced by Waits and his wife Kathleen Brennan. Waits made an announcement regarding the album on today.

In a short video he previewed snippets of tracks from the new album before cutting the music, and blaming the internet for his doing so, explaining “apparently there’s no such thing as ‘private’ anymore.”

He said: “I’m going to have to change everything. Here’s the way I see it – if you were having a birthday, and I came early, and I started eating your cake, maybe I opened up all your presents and I started playing with all your toys, you’d be OK with that?”


He then said he’d have to ‘rethink’ his plans, blaming a “few bad apples” for ruining it for everyone. The video then cuts to a car playing songs from the album, with people being frisked before they can enter and listen.

Watch the Tom Waits’ Private Listening Party video below:

The ‘Bad As Me’ tracklisting is:


‘Raised Right Men’

‘Talking At The Same Time’

‘Get Lost’

‘Face To The Highway’

‘Pay Me’

‘Back In The Crowd’

‘Bad As Me’

‘Kiss Me’


‘Last Leaf’

‘Hell Broke Luce’

‘New Year’s Eve’

‘She Stole The Blush’

‘Tell Me’

‘After You Die’

Listen to single ‘Bad As Me’ below:

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