The Who Bring Knowsley Hall First Night To A Close

Townshend throws a sly jab at Glastonbury competition

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Despite the rain which greets The Who as they arrive on stage, Roger Daltrey, Pete Townshend and co turn in a blistering festival performance.

Introducing the band’s set, Townshend tells the audience he’s just come from Glastonbury — and the good news is, Knowsley Hall is “better than” the competition! How that’ll be received when word of Townshend’s comments reaches the Vale of Avalon — where The Who headline tomorrow — remains to be seen.

Playing for two hours, the band pull out all the stops to deliver the perfect festival greatest hits set, covering 20 songs.


For more details, see the UNCUT festival blog.

The set list in full:

‘Can’t Explain’



‘Anyway Anyhow’


‘Who Are You’

‘Behind Blue Eyes’

‘Good Looking Boy’

‘Baba O’Reilly’


‘Eminence Front’

‘Man In A Purple Dress’

‘You Better You Bet’

‘My Generation’

‘Won’t Get Fooled Again’

‘The Kids Are Alright’

‘Pinball Wizard’

‘Amazing Journey/Spares’

‘See Me, Feel Me’

‘Listening To You’

‘T And Theater’

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