The Uncut Review: Warren Zevon!

Plus! Hank Williams, Kanye West, Little Joy

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These albums are all released this week (November 24):


ALBUM REVIEW: WARREN ZEVON – WARREN ZEVON 4* The Excitable Boy’s 1976 classic reissued, plus disc of unreleased flotsam

ALBUM REVIEW: HANK WILLIAMS – THE UNRELEASED RECORDINGS 5* Whole heap o’hard-to-find Hank, when he was toast of the breakfast show

ALBUM REVIEW: LITTLE JOY – LITTLE JOY 3* The Strokes go Tropicalia? Well, everyone needs a holiday


ALBUM REVIEW: KANYE WEST – 808S AND HEARTBREAK 2* The Louis Vuitton don ditches the rapping and the soul and is left with… well, not much, actually

Plus here are some of UNCUT’s recommended new releases from the past month – check out these albums if you haven’t already:

ALBUM REVIEW: THE KILLERS – DAY AND AGE 4* Brandon Flowers and co start learning from Las Vegas on extravagant third album

ALBUM REVIEW: ON THE HOUR – SERIES 1 AND 2 BOX SET 5* Chris Morris’ seminal radio spoof comes to CD

ALBUM REVIEW: THE DOORS – LIVE AT THE MATRIX 4* The “healthy young apes”, breaking through

ALBUM REVIEW: DAMON AND NAOMI – MORE SAD HITS 4* Reissue of early 90s lo-fi classic, by former Galaxie 500 members

ALBUM REVIEW: PAUL WELLER – PAUL WELLER AT THE BBC 4* 4CD set proves he’s more changing man than Plodfather

ALBUM REVIEW: THE SMITHS – THE SOUND OF THE SMITHS 4* The definitive compilation of Morrissey and Marr. So far

ALBUM REVIEW: GENESIS – 1970 – 75 3* A suitably hefty compendium – five early, extravagant albums, extras, plus archive video footage – PLUS interview with Mike Rutherford and Tony Banks here

ALBUM REVIEW: AC/DC – BLACK ICE 3* Four songs with rock in the title. . . Business as usual? Not quite. Band’s first album since 2001’s Stiff Upper Lip.

ALBUM REVIEW: KAISER CHIEFS – OFF WITH THEIR HEADS 4* Third album from the Leeds band unites them with producer du jour Mark Ronson, plus Q&A with KC drummer Nick Hodgson

ALBUM REVIEW: BOB DYLAN – THE BOOTLEG SERIES VOL 8: TELL TALE SIGNS – 5* Highly anticipated installation in the Bootleg Series, read Allan Jones’ in depth review here.

ALBUM REVIEW: OASIS – DIG OUT YOUR SOUL – 3* Noel and the boys get back in the groove but face some bleak home truths

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