The Strokes working ‘night and day’ on new album

Julian Casablancas reveals band have got over initial struggles on forth album

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The Strokes are working “night and day” on new material, according to frontman Julian Casablancas.

Casablancas admitted that initially the band had struggled to work together as a unit on the new album, which is a follow up to 2006’s ‘First Impressions Of Earth’. However, he told that the atmosphere in the band is at present is “different than before”, with all five members coming together as a team.

“It’s night and day now. Everyone is working as a group, ‘Let’s do it! Go team!’ Which is amazing. Which is what I wanted since day one,” Casablancas explained.

Before now, part of the problem with The Strokes was to do with individual members’ workloads, according to Casablancas.

“We split the money six ways,” he explained (with manager Ryan Gentles being the sixth recipient), “but we didn’t split the work.”

Clarifying the good mood in The Strokes at present, Casablancas added: “I think we’re fulfilling the promise of what we said we were: actually being a unit that really works on everything.”

The Strokes will make their live return in the UK this June, when they headline both the Isle Of Wight and RockNess festivals.

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