Stevie Van Zandt announces memoir, Unrequited Infatuations

To be published by White Rabbit on Sept 28

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Stevie Van Zandt has announced that his memoir, Unrequited Infatuations, will be published by White Rabbit on September 28.

Described as “the story of a true rock’n’roll disciple” it begins with Van Zandt discovering The Beatles and The Rolling Stones while growing up in suburban New Jersey, before meeting a like-minded believer named Bruce Springsteen. It goes on to chronicle his many adventures with The E Street Band, as a solo artist and activist, and as an actor in epochal TV series The Sopranos.

“I’ve seen enough things that could be useful that justified writing them down and sharing them,” says Van Zandt. “As far as my life story? Well I hope this book explains it to me!”


Lee Brackstone, publisher at White Rabbit, adds: “Unrequited Infatuations is a book with the heart, soul and psychological intensity of a bildungsroman. It is an intoxicating evocation of New Jersey life in the 60s and 70s and a portrait of a man whose contribution to the counter-culture – whether as a songwriter, performer or activist – has been enduring and profound.”

Unrequited Infatuations will be published in hardcover, e-book and audio formats – pre-order it here. Stevie Van Zandt will promote the book with a media tour and event appearances; details to follow.


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