Smashing Pumpkins to play benefit show for Madina Lake bassist

Matthew Leone was severely beaten after breaking up a street fight

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The Smashing Pumpkins are to play a benefit concert to raise money for Madina Lake bassist Matthew Leone, who was recently [url=]hospitalised after intervening in a domestic dispute up in Chicago[/url].

Leone suffered severe brain trauma after he intervened to stop a woman he passed on the street from being beaten by her husband. A third of the bassist’s skull was removed to alleviate swelling after the incident, which saw the man turn on him after he had managed to stop the initial fight.

The alleged assailant has been named as Justin Pivec and has been charged with aggravated battery causing serious bodily harm. He is out on bail pending a forthcoming hearing.

Tickets for the July 27 gig, which also features Kill Hannah, will be raffled in order to raise money for Leone, who is currently without medical insurance.

See and for more information.

A separate fund raising money for Leone has also been set up at

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