Ronnie Wood as a vampire painting up for auction

'Heart-breaker' portrait of the Rolling Stone to raise money for charity

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A painting of the Rolling Stone‘s Ronnie Wood, depicting him as a vampire, is being auctioned for charity from today (July 14).

The portrait of the star, by his wife Jo Wood’s brother and artist, Paul Karslake, was commisoned TV channel FX to help launch the new series of hit US drama True Blood.

Kerslake has previously painted another Stone, creating the iconic image of Keith Richards as a pirate, that was used 12 years later inspiring the Jack Sparrow character in Pirates of the Caribbean.

Karslake has commented on his new work, explaining, “Ron’s a vampire, all those Rolling Stones guys are. They stay up all night and sleep all day.”

He adds:“I sat down to watch it [True Blood] and one of the characters, Vampire Bill, straight away reminded me of Ronnie. Once that happened I couldn’t get the image out of my head.”

Fans have the chance to buy this original work of art on ebay here. With bids currently at £2,050 (13.07.09 11:30am), all money made will be donated to various charities including Give Blood.

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