'False Light From The Land' is released this June

[b]Richard Hawley[/b] has revealed that his upcoming EP will feature material of a sea-faring nature.

He’s set to release the [b]’False Light From The Land'[/b] EP on June 7. The EP features ocean-inspired tracks including a cover of [b]Hughie Jones[/b]’ [b]’The Ellan Vannin Tragedy'[/b] and sea shanty [b]’Shallow Brown'[/b]. [b]’Remorse Code'[/b], taken from [b]Hawley[/b]’s 2009 album [b]’Truelove’s Gutter'[/b], will also accompany a previously unreleased track, [b]’The Storm'[/b].

[b]’False Light From The Land'[/b] will be available on 10-inch vinyl and as a digital download.

[b]Hawley[/b] recently present a series of shows for BBC Radio 2 called [b]The Ocean[/b], which saw him travel the British coast.

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