Radiohead: ‘We didn’t want to explain ‘The King Of Limbs”

Thom Yorke also says recording their new LP was 'like editing a film'

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Radiohead have spoken about the reasons behind their decision to release their eighth studio album ‘The King Of Limbs’ without any promotional interviews, gigs or fanfare of any kind.

The band, who are currently in the US for two shows in New York, their first formally scheduled live dates since the release of ‘The King Of Limbs’, told NPR that they didn’t feel any obligation to talk up their new album.

Asked why the band had done no promotional touring or interviews in the build up to the release of ‘The King Of Limbs’, Yorke replied: “We didn’t want to explain it” and guitarist Ed O’Brien simply adding: “We didn’t feel like it”.


The band also spoke about the way in which they recorded the album and have compared it to editing a film.

Asked about how they put each of the tracks together, Yorke replied: “Almost every tune is like a collage, with bits we pre-recorded and flying them at each other. It was like editing a film or something, it was quite interesting.”

Radiohead release their new remix album ‘TKOL 1234567’ today (October 10). They celebrate its release at London‘s Corsica Studios tomorrow (October 11) with a launch evening.


Frontman Thom Yorke will be DJing, as will Jamie XX, Caribou, Lone and Illum Sphere, all of whom have contributed remixes to ‘TKOL RMX 1234567’. The whole event will be available to be live streamed from

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