Radiohead: ”The King Of Limbs’ wasn’t going to be an immediate record’

Phil Selway says band’s new LP is 'a reaction' to 'In Rainbows'

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Radiohead’s Phil Selway has said that the band knew from the outset that their new album ‘The King Of Limbs’ “wasn’t going to be an immediate record.”

Speaking to Drowned In Sound before he performed a solo gig at Liverpool Sound City festival, the drummer also said the album was “a reaction” to the band’s 2007 effort ‘In Rainbows’. “With ‘The King of Limbs’, we all knew that it wasn’t going to be an immediate record but a lot of great records have been 38 minutes long,” he said. “It’s that old chestnut of a grower.”

He added: “Every record that we’ve done has been a reaction to the last one and ‘The King of Limbs’ carried on that tradition for us.”

Radiohead‘s ‘newspaper album’ version of ‘The King Of Limbs'[/url] came out earlier this month. Selway, meanwhile, is confirmed to perform a solo gig at this summer’s Truck Festival in Oxfordshire.

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