Radiohead release back catalogue on iTunes

The Beatles now the last British band to hold out

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Radiohead‘s back catalogue, including classics such as OK Computer and The Bends, has finally become available to download on iTunes.

Although their latest album, In Rainbows has been available on the site since its release, the band withheld their past albums because they wanted their albums to be listened to “as a whole”, rather than as individual tracks.

It is thought the groups move from EMI to new record label, XL prompted the change of heart. Their move means that The Beatles are the last major British band to deny iTunes their back catalogue.

Garth Brooks, who is just behind The Beatles in all-time US record sales, has also refused to let his music become available on iTunes.

Like Radiohead once thought, he believes fans should only be able to download full albums as that is how they were made to be heard.

He explained to BBC News: “There are a number of issues that need to be addressed in the digital downloading world before we introduce our music to it.”

In reference to songs from his 1990 album No Fences, he continued: “Friends in Low Places is not Friends in Low Places without Wolves or Wild Horses. And if people try to make it a money issue, I can get the full album to the consumer for much less than they can get it at 99 cents a song.”


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