Queen to launch their own vinyl turntable…

Also: box set featuring 18 coloured vinyl discs

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Queen are launching their own vinyl turntable alongside a box set featuring 18 coloured vinyl discs.

What HiFi reports that in conjunction with turntable manufacturers Rega the ‘Queen by Rega‘ deck features reproductions of classic Queen logos, including the Queen crest, designed by Freddie Mercury, printed across the platter.

The turntable features the hand-built RB101 tone arm, from the Rega RP1, a new high performance motor promising minimal noise and vibration, and a Rega Carbon MM cartridge. An optional upgrade to the Rega Bias 2 cartridge is also available.


Meanwhile, the Queen: Studio Collection 180g vinyl box set features 15 studio albums spread across 18 discs. The Innuendo and Made In Heaven albums were only ever released as edited versions on vinyl but are presented here in full, split across four sides of vinyl.

Queen II comes on two records, one white and one black (referencing the Side White and Side Black of the original release).

Each album is pressed on a different colour disc in keeping with the original artwork; although each album will also be available individually on black vinyl.


The set contains:
‘Queen II’
‘Sheer Heart Attack’
‘A Night at the Opera’
‘A Day at the Races’
‘News of the World’
‘The Game’
‘Flash Gordon’
‘Hot Space’
‘The Works’
‘A Kind of Magic’
‘The Miracle’
‘Made in Heaven’

The Queen: Studio Collection box set will cost £285, and includes a 108-page hardback book which features introductions to each album, quotes from Queen themselves, hand-written lyrics, rare photographs, memorabilia, and information on singles and videos.

while the Queen by Rega turntable is set to be in the region of £350. Both are set for release on September 25.

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