Queen Split From Frontman Paul Rodgers

Singer to regroup with Bad Company for a tour

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Queen and Paul Rodgers have announced that they are to part ways after just over four years’ collaboration, touring and recording last year’s ‘The Cosmos Rocks’ album.

Speaking to VH1 news earlier this month, the former Free singer explained: “Well, you know, we did a world tour, we did a second tour of Europe and the Far East and Eastern Europe and we did a studio album and I think we’re kind of leaving it there gently. It’s out there for us to do things in the future if there’s something, a huge charity say like Nelson Mandela, I’m always open to that, but I think we are pretty much done.”

Additionally, speaking to Billboard magazine, Rodgers added it was never intended to be a long-term arrangement with Queen, adding: “At this point we’re gonna sit back from this. My arrangement with (Queen) was similar to my arrangement with Jimmy (Page) in The Firm in that it was never meant to be a permanent arrangement.

Bad Company’s tour kicks off on June 20 in Charlotte, North Carolina. Meanwhile Brian May and Roger Taylor are helping on an Italian version of their smash hit musical ‘We Will Rock You.’

More info on Queen is available here: BrianMay.com

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