Queen announce plans for new album of lost demos featuring Freddie Mercury

Brian May also says the band are working on a follow-up to 'We Will Rock You'

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Queen have announced plans for a new album of old demos featuring their late singer Freddie Mercury.

Guitarist Brian May has confirmed that he is going through the band’s old material with drummer Roger Taylor to compile a selection of unreleased tracks for a forthcoming LP.

The axeman also said the pair are working on the follow-up to the long-running West End musical ‘We Will Rock You’, which they wrote with comedian Ben Elton.

May told The Daily Star: “As well as seeing what we can unearth, we want to do a new musical to follow ‘We Will Rock You’. The songs are there, it’s just a question of finding time to get the right production.”

The last album the band made with Mercury while he was alive was their 1991 LP ‘Innuendo’. He died later that year. May recently admitted that he contemplated taking his own life shortly after the singer’s death. The guitarist, who also lost his father around the same time that Mercury died, said he felt like he “didn’t want to live” in the months following the deaths.

Lady Gaga was recently in talks to tour with the surviving members of the band as their singer following the departure of Paul Rodgers in 2009.

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