PJ Harvey Unveils Her New Album

White Chalk is coming in September

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A new album by PJ Harvey is set for release on September 24, and Uncut has heard it.

“White Chalk” is an intimate, striking set of piano songs, on which is joined by regular associate Eric Drew Feldman (The Magic Band) and new drummer Jim White (The Dirty Three, Catpower). It was produced by Harvey with two more long-term accomplices, Flood and John Parish. Four of the songs were previewed at Harvey’s recent solo comeback show in Manchester.

The tracklisting for “White Chalk” is:


1. The Devil

2. Dear Darkness

3. Grow Grow Grow


4. When Under Ether

5. White Chalk

6. Broken Harp

7. Silence

8. To Talk To You

9. The Piano

10. Before Departure

11. The Mountain

For a full preview of “White Chalk”, visit Uncut’s new music blog, Wild Mercury Sound


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