Paul Simon, Carlos Santana protest against Grammy Award changes

Musicians are up in arms over plans to axe 30 categories

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Paul Simon and Carlos Santana are among a host of musicians who are protesting against Grammy Award plans to axe over 30 categories from the annual event.

The artists, who argue the changes were made without consulting academy members, have delivered a letter of protest to the Recording Academy.

In a letter to the president of the Recording Academy Neil Portnow, Simon wrote: “I believe the Grammys have done a disservice to many talented musicians by combining previously distinct and separate types of music into a catch-all of blurry larger categories.


“They deserve the separate Grammy acknowledgements that they’ve been afforded until this change eliminated them.”

In a separate letter, Santana added: “To remove Latin Jazz and many other ethnic categories is doing a huge disservice to the brilliant musicians who keep the music vibrant for their fans – new and old.

“We strongly protest this decision and we ask you to represent all of the colours of the rainbow when it comes to music and give ethnic music a place in the heart of music lovers everywhere.”


In response, Portnow said a members committee had been consulted, reports BBC News.

Contemporary Blues, Native American, Hawaiian and Latin Jazz are among 31 categories that are being axed from the prestigious awards show.

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