Paul McCartney Nearly Quit Beatles In Early 60s

Stage fright made Macca "ill with nerves" in Fab Four’s early days

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Paul McCartney has revealed that his stage fright was so bad at the beginning of Beatlemania, he nearly quit the band.

Macca, speaking in London last night (November 25) at a screening of his new DVD, ‘Good Evening New York City’, remembered one such incident where the pressure almost got too much.

“It was a couple of years into The Beatles’ career.” he said. “I remember being on the steps of Wembley Town Hall, literally getting ill with nerves, and thinking, ‘I’ve got to give this business up, this is no good’. It was quite nerve-wracking.”

During the Q&A session, Macca also said that his song ‘Here Today’, written about late Beatle John Lennon, is his most difficult to perform: “I realise I’m telling this man that I love him, and it’s like, ‘Oh my god’, like I’m publicly declaring it in front of all these people I don’t know! It’s a good thing to do, though.”

McCartney is to headline the Coachella festival in California next April, alongside The Cure and The Killers. His DVD, ‘Good Evening New York City’, is released on December 7, consisting of 33 live tracks recorded at New York’s Citi Field, formerly Shea Stadium, where The Beatles‘ played to record-breaking crowd in 1965.

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