Paul McCartney: ‘My phone was definitely hacked’

Singer calls for new law to prevent press intrusion

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Paul McCartney has confirmed that he has been a victim of phone hacking.

The singer said that he has been shown evidence by the police that newspapers had viewed his phone calls and messages at the time of his divorce from second wife Heather Mills.

He told The Times: “At the time of the divorce, I realised there was quite a possibility of many people hacking me for various reasons. So I used to talk on the phone and say ‘If you’re taking this down, get a life’. It is a pity not to be able to talk freely on a private call”.

The former Beatle also said it affected his actions in the long term and he believes a law should be enforced.

“I tend not to say much on the phone now. If I leave a message, it’s benign,” he added. “You edit yourself according to the new circumstances of the new world. I think it would be quite good to get some sort of laws.”

Earlier this year, McCartney slammed phone hacking, branding it a “horrendous violation of privacy”.

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