Paul McCartney Defies Protests To Rock Israel

The Beatle plays Tel Aviv 43 years after the Fabs were banned

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Sir Paul McCartney last night (September 25) played to 40, 000 concert goers in Tel Aviv, Israel, defying protests by Palestinians which have taken place throughout his visit to the country.

The historic concert, coming 43 years after The Beatles were banned because of fears they would ‘corrupt the nation’s youth’ saw McCartney perform several Beatles classics including “Back In The The USSR”, “Hey Jude” and “Get Back”, prompting mass sing-alongs from the audience.

“Live and Let Die” was accompanied by fireworks at the outdoor venue, while “Give Peace A Chance”, dedicated to the song’s composer John Lennon, saw McCartney pause singing to let the crowd sing the chorus.


McCartney also played tracks from his Wings-era and solo material including last year’s release “Dance Tonight.”

Speaking to Associated Press prior to the concert, McCartney commented on the Palestinian activists who had requested he cancel the show because of the West Bank’s occupation, said he was not “a political animal [but] a humanitarian” and “thought it was a good time to come and take a look at the situation”.

McCartney billed last night’s concert as “Friendship First”


saying he is on a mission of peace for Isreal and the Palestinians.

Paul McCartney played:

‘Hello Goodbye’


‘Drive My Car’

‘Only Mama Knows’

‘All My Loving’

‘Flaming Pie’

‘Let Me Roll It’

‘My Love’

‘Let Em In’

‘The Long And Winding Road’

‘Dance Tonight’


‘Calico Skies’

‘I’ll Follow The Sun’

‘Mrs Vanderbilt’

‘Here, There and Everywhere’

‘Eleanor Rigby’


‘A Day In The Life/Give Peace A Chance’

‘Band On The Run’

‘Back In The USSR’

‘I’ve Got A Feeling’

‘Live And Let Die’

‘Let It Be’

‘Hey Jude’

‘Lady Madonna’

‘Get Back’

‘I Saw Her Standing There’


‘Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band’

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Pic credit: PA Photos


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