New Neil Young Archives Release Date

Manager Elliot Roberts says it's all go this June

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Neil Young‘s ‘Archives: Vol 1″ is set for a June 2 release, according to the rocker’s manager Elliot Roberts.

Reported on Billboard, Roberts was speaking at a conference panel at the South by Southwest festival in Austin, Texas on Saturday (March 21). Roberts said that the 10-disc Blu-ray, DVD and CD collections would finally see the light of day on June 2.

Archive samples were also shown off at the discussion, and the prices are set to be: 10-disc Blu-Ray, $299, 10-DVD box set, $199 and a normal CD set for $99.

Young has previously said that Blu-ray is the best way to hear the archives, saying: “Blu-ray is the future. It sounds the best, the navigating system is the best. I’ve made a lot of CDs and we’ve made a lot of DVDs, and Blu-ray technology is so far superior to anything else. The fact there aren’t many players out there now doesn’t meant that much to me, because it is the future, so I would rather focus on what’s next. If you were to get a Blu-ray of the ‘Archive,’ you would get the best.”

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